Organics Health Zone was created from a need to provide everything related to organics available to everyone around the world. There is a real need for people to be informed about all that is organic (and green, which means it is good for the environment) so that better choices can be made for the sake of good health.

There is a great deal of information about organic products and services on the web, but it is not collected in one place, it is not available for people to review and make better and informed decisions about their purchases, especially since the word “organic” does not always really mean “organic”.

Our Vision

The vision of the Organics Health Zone web site:

  • To provide the most up-to-date and reliable information on organics – from cosmetics, to clothes and food – so that consumers can make better and more informed decisions about what products and services they want to purchase (or use)
  • To rate the organics products and services so that consumers have a better idea about how good the products (and services) they are using actually are
  • To provide¬† free information on organics – there is a lot of information, but it is disjointed and not gathered in one web site for consumers to review, so this is where we can help