Why are organic products better?

Certified organic products are better for you for three main reasons:

  1. They are better for your skin and your whole body
    Certified organic products use only ingredients that are known not to be an irritant to any part of the body. Certified organic products use only ingredients that are mild, safe for the skin and will cause a reaction even on the most sensitive skin. This means that even those people with very sensitive or inflamed skin can use certified organic products knowing that they are not using any toxic chemicals that can affect them in any adverse way
  2. They are better for the environment
    Putting non-toxic ingredients in cosmetics, face care, skin care and hair care means that when these products are invariably washed into our water systems (from our taps/sink when we wash our face/hair/body), they subsequently do not poison our waterways because the ingredients are known to be safe and non-toxic.  This is not the case today, when our waterways are inundated with a great deal of chemicals from our products (as well as chemicals from our toxic non-organic farming) and this can adversely affect our fauna and flora in the water and surrounds
  3. They are not not tested on animals
    There really is no reason to test any ingredients in any cosmetics on animals.  We should only we using ingredients that are known not to be toxic to human (and therefore also not toxic to animals) and this removes the need to needless hurt animals by testing these toxic ingredients on them. The philosophy of organics is that there is never any need to test any ingredients on any animals


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